Mission Statement

Affiliated with Ryerson University’s Centre for Digital Humanities, the Stories in Play Initiative (SIPI) is a platform for knowledge creation and dissemination relating to the broad fields of digital/playable storytelling. It is comprised of and directed by a research community that is made up of emergent and established scholars and industry professionals. SIPI provides a forum and publication venue where those interested in digital storytelling can share ideas and have work in traditional and innovative formats reviewed, refined, and broadcast.

SIPI specializes in the following research areas in digital/playable storytelling:

We welcome traditional and experimental work in these areas in a variety of formats (written, audiovisual, hypermedia, procedural) including but not limited to: essays, working papers, reviews, case studies, design fictions, podcasts, videos, walkthroughs/playthroughs, comics, and games.


Project Charter

This charter outlines the principles which guide our SIPI projects, and is modeled on Stan Ruecker and Milena Radzikowska’s Project Charter for Interdisciplinary Research.

As a digital project, SIPI recognizes the importance of fluidity and adaptability. We understand that our initiative is an evolving endeavour, subject to peer and public revision in order to substantiate its efficacy and make room for new goals and intents. SIPI is progress-focused and seeks to grow, expand, and diversify as its community develops while continuing to adhere to the best practices in research and scholarship.

The SIPI website will be used to distribute all SIPI-affiliated material. We recognize that it is valuable to have a community-based editorial board that engages in peer-review of the works created by SIPI members in order to establish the credibility of scholarly work.

Professional Dignity:
SIPI is an initiative that recognizes the significant roles, responsibilities and designations of each of its members, associate-members, and research fellows. We support goodwill amongst all contributors by encouraging the exchange of unique ideas and project intents.

Inclusion and Diversity:
SIPI is an inclusive endeavour that welcomes participation from people of diverse backgrounds, abilities and experiences. In accordance with the engagement of those of differing racial, gender and sexual identities, SIPI values the contributions of digital practitioners, scholars and the public in order to address a variety of perspectives within our research.

SIPI intends to investigate and pursue relevant funding opportunities to help support our current research and secure project stability for future generations of scholars.

SIPI is focused upon transparency within its research practices. We welcome feedback and exchange within internal, peer-review protocols and community-centered participation with external institutions and members of the public.


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