This alphabetical by surname list provides details about the people involved in the Stories in Play Initiative (SIPI), and their interests related to digital storytelling.

Rebecca Anderson
Research interests: feminism & feminist theory; life writing & authorship; digital spaces; narratology; digital storytelling & narratives of identity/experience; gender politics.

Nicholas Ashmore
Research interests: children’s video games; digital storytelling; procedural rhetoric; video game history; Shakespeare (?!).

Jason Boyd
Research interests: life writing and digital storytelling; LGBTQ+ digital storytelling; digital adaptations of print literature; digital storytelling platforms; intersections of stories and games.

Laurence Butet-Roch 
Research interests: interactive storytelling; immersive and embodied virtual experiences; Indigenous narratives; digital diversity.

Robin Daprato
Research interests: The influence of digital communities on the production of film, television, and literature; digital teaching tools; digital fan communities; and digital fan-fiction.

Alexis MacNeil
Research interests: adaptation & remediation studies; neo-Victorian studies; digital story telling; digital literacy.

Erin Della Mattia
Research interests: creative writing; children’s literature and depictions of childhood/girlhood in fiction; materiality in print and digital literatures.

Nathalie Down 
Research interests: interaction design; user experience & interface design; symbolic systems; information architecture; human-centered design; marginalized narratives; digital spaces; feminism; social innovation.

Kelly Duval
Research interests: creative writing and digital storytelling; digital teaching tools; digital storytelling as self-representation; authorship and narratology in digital spaces.

Ellen Hayes
Research interests: instructional design; multimedia learning; technical communication; digital media; physical computing applications; open source software; online repository hosting service communities (Github).

Ryan Kidd
Research interests: videogame theory and criticism; interactive fiction; the evolution of games; postmodernism.

Zeelaf Majeed
Research interests: digital content strategy; user experience; and the efficacy of social media in social change campaigns; particularly in the realm of anti-racism.

Lauren Matera
Research interests: periodical studies and digital remediation; digital archiving; creative writing and digital storytelling platforms; pedagogy and digital teaching tools.

Amanda Powell
Research interests: interactive storytelling; education; user experience; game design; social innovation.

Daniel Rosen
Research interests: co-authorial game design; interactivity and agency in storytelling; minority representation and expression through interactive narrative; game design theory and criticism.

Mark Sardella
Research interests: digital collaboration; mapping; 19th century literature; web design; environmentalism.

Stacey Seymour
Research interests: digital pedagogy and computational literacies; rhetorical studies in narrative, science, and health & wellness; digital narratives and identities; intersectionalities between the humanities, the sciences, and digital studies.

Phoenix Simms
Research interests: video games theory and criticism; literary gaming; new media studies; creative writing and digital storytelling; art history and digital remediation; fashion history and digital archiving.

Tanya Tan
Research interests: performance studies; digital identities; social media storytelling and online narratives.

Jessica Thomson
Research interests: user interface and experience; digital storytelling; social networking.

Audrey Wright
Research interests: game-player interactions and post-play outcomes; trauma narratives, ethics and vulnerability in digital spaces; trauma theory; loss, empathy and mapping identity in contemporary autobiography.