http://www.supergiantgames.com/games/hades/ Entry composed by Kevin Ghouchandra A. BASIC INFORMATION Creator(s): Creation technology: Microsoft XNA Publisher: Supergiant Games Date (of original release): September, 17th 2020 (Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, Steam) Platforms: PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, Playstation 5 Version used for entry: Nintendo Switch Ver 1.0.38233 Peripherals required: Speakers/Headphones Rating: ESRB T (Teen) Awards/Distinctions: Golden Joystick Awards 2020: Best Indie Game, Critic’s Choice; The Game Awards 2020: Game of the Year (Nominated), Best Indie, Best Action; 17th British Academy Games Awards: Best Game, Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Narrative; 24th Annual D.I.C.E. Awards: Game of … Continue reading Hades


https://simogo.com/work/device-6/ Entry composed by Jason Boyd A. BASIC INFORMATION Creator: Simogo: Magnus “Gordon” Gardebäck (Production & Programming); Simon Flesser (Art, Sound & Direction; Co-Writer); Jonas Tarestad (Co-Writer); Daniel Olsen (Music); Jonathan Eng (writer and performer of song, “Anna”) Website: https://simogo.com/  Creation technology: Unity Publisher: Simogo Date (of original release): 2013 (October 17) Platform(s): iOS Version used for entry: iOS (Air Pad 2) Peripherals required: head/earphones Rating: 12+ (Apple Store) Awards/Distinctions: 2014 Independent Games Festival: Excellence in Audio; 2014 Apple Design Award; 2014 Pocket Gamer Awards: Best App Ever; Most Innovative Game. B. LITERARY INFORMATION Related Literary Genre(s): Psychological Suspense/Thriller, Dystopian … Continue reading DEVICE 6

The Return of the Obra Dinn

https://obradinn.com/ Entry composed by Jason Boyd A. Basic Information Creator(s): Lucas Pope Creator website: https://dukope.com/ Publisher: 3909 (Lucas Pope) Date (of original release): October 18, 2018 (PC: MacOS/Windows) Platform(s): PC, Switch, PS4, Xbox Version used for entry: MacOS (High Sierra 10.13.6) Creation technology: Unity Peripherals required: Keyboard and mouse; speakers/headphones Rating: ESRB M (Mature 17+) Awards & Distinctions: 2019 Independent Games Festival: Grand Prize & Excellence in Narrative; 2019 BAFTA Games Awards: Game Design & Artistic Achievement; 2018 The Game Awards: Best Art Direction; 2019 Game Developers Choice Awards: Best Narrative. B. Literary Information Related Literary Genre(s): Mystery/Detective Fiction, Sea … Continue reading The Return of the Obra Dinn

Playable Stories Archive Entry Template

A. BASIC INFORMATION Title of Work Work website Creator(s) [Studio & Creative Team, with roles] Creator or Studio website Creation technology [software, eg. Unity] Publisher Date (of original release) Platform(s) Version used for entry [incl. OS version] Peripherals required (incl. speakers/headphones) Rating Awards/Distinctions B. LITERARY INFORMATION Related Literary Genre(s) Story/Plot Summary Suitability for Teaching C. GAME INFORMATION Game/eLit Genre(s) Gameplay [What kinds of activities does the player undertake? Including difficulty] Time to complete Replay required/useful? Walkthrough D. SOURCES AND RESOURCES Wikipedia entry Metacritic critic reviews URL [note that critic reviews for a single game are separated according to platform, so … Continue reading Playable Stories Archive Entry Template


https://tacoma.game/ Entry composed by Jason Boyd A. Basic Information Creator(s): Fullbright (studio); Kate Craig and Lexie Mason-Davis (3D Art); Tynan Wales and Nina Freeman (Design); Noel Clark and Janel Dewis (Animation); Hannah Bown, Brett Douville, Leon Hartwig (Programming); Patrick Balthrop (Sound) [taken from first credits screen at the conclusion of the game] Website: https://fullbrig.ht/ Creation technology: Unity Publisher: Fullbright Date (of original release): 2017 (August 2) Platform(s): Windows, MacOS, Linux, XBox One; PlayStation 4 (May 8, 2018) Version used for entry: MacOS (High Sierra 10.13.6) Peripherals required: Keyboard and mouse; head/earphones Rating: ESRB M (Mature, 17+) Awards/Distinctions: Eurogamer, Top 50 … Continue reading Tacoma