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A Playable Stories Archive Podcast

The Playable Stories Archive (https://storiesinplay.com/playable-stories-archive/) is a resource for teachers who are interested in learning about story-rich, critical, reflective, and persuasive digital games that can be included in literary, media, and cultural studies courses at the secondary and postsecondary levels. 

However, for reasons of length, difficulty, cost, and technology requirements, many relevant games are not suitable for inclusion in the Archive. The Unarchived podcast provides an opportunity to discuss these ‘unsuitable’ games in order to broaden the knowledge of teachers, students, and scholars about how storytelling in videogames is used to delight, move, persuade, and educate.

Unarchived Contributors: 

  • Jeremy Andriano
  • Jason Boyd
  • Patrick Dolan
  • Kevin Ghouchandra
  • Alex Hurezeanu
  • Noah Pedinelli
  • Taryn Rollins
  • Chelsea Russell

Season 1

Episode 1: Jonathan Blow’s The Witness

with Jason Boyd, Jeremy Andriano, Patrick Dolan

Broadcast date: February, 2023

In The Witness, the player wanders around a mysterious and gorgeous island solving increasingly complex line-drawing puzzles. But is that all there is to the game? What about the statues and audio logs that are to be found all over the island? Is there a story or message in The Witness?