Playable Stories Archive


The Playable Stories Archive is a curated guide for teachers and researchers (primarily in literary studies) who are interested in incorporating interactive digital stories in post-secondary curricula and scholarship.

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Works (Alphabetical by Title)

  • 80 Days: A progressive steampunk adaptation of Jules Verne’s novel, with multiple routes and stories around the globe.
  • DEVICE 6: A stylish retro-techno-thriller in the form of a playable novella for iOS (iPhone/iPad).
  • Firewatch: A mystery adventure and exploration of human relationships, set in Shoshone Natural Forest in Wyoming.
  • Oxenfree: A supernatural mystery/horror adventure involving a group on teenagers stranded overnight on a deserted island.
  • The Return of the Obra Dinn: A nautical mystery set in the nineteenth century, with elements of fantasy.
  • Tacoma: An exploration of a space station that reveals details about the everyday lives of the crew and why they evacuated.