Zine Culture and the Embodied Community of Rookie Mag

This research project analyzes the ways in which the online magazine Rookie utilizes material-based elements of zine culture in order to create an embodied community. The term “embodied community” is taken from Alison Piepmeier’s Girls Zines and it refers to the connections that are formed between zine creators and readers by materiality. A zine, in its existence as a handmade artifact, acts as a sort of mediator of human touch (Piepmeier calls it a “surrogate physical interaction” (59)), sharing human emotions through their physical traces. Such an embodied community opens up space for a participatory culture, to borrow the term from Henry Jenkins, because it encourages … Continue reading Zine Culture and the Embodied Community of Rookie Mag

Principles of Multimedia Theory

The Multimedia Learning website is meant as a visual exploration of current design principles within the field of e-learning, and serves as a helpful guide in designing the most effective multimedia learning experiences possible. Images are presented in a DO/DON’T diptych similar to that employed by VICE, and are meant to contrast good multimedia learning design practices with bad ones. Principles are largely adapted from The Cambridge Handbook of Multimedia Learning, edited by Richard E. Mayer. Continue reading Principles of Multimedia Theory