Unarchived (Season 1, Episode 3)

Elden Ring (FromSoftware)

with Noah Pedinelli (host), Jeremy Andriano, and Alexander Hurezeanu

Broadcast date: April 11th, 2023

Writer: Noah Pedinelli

Producer: Jeremy Andriano

2022’s Elden Ring is the latest release from legendary Japanese game development studio From Software and the auteur game designer Hidetaka Miyazaki. His creations, from 2009’s Demon Souls through the Dark Souls Trilogy and beyond, are often defined by what is considered to be their punishing difficulty. However, in this episode we discuss whether Elden Ring’s stands out not for its difficult gameplay, but for its unique narrative delivery. 

The player enters the game’s world at a point in time long after the cataclysmic events of the story have already occurred, leaving everything in a state of ruin. The player is free to explore the wreckage, sifting through what is left of the “Lands Between” in an attempt to reconstruct the stories of this world: what happened to bring things to such a state?

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